It should be noted that at the age of 11 years Eyango Prince lost his dad when his determination to succeed in everything he did. It is this tragic situation which led him to quit school in third year of thechnical high  school  Nkongsamba (CETI), there was nobody who could relay the Father for education and schooling of the young child of 14 years NDEDI Eyango Pierre, hence his departure for 3 years later to Douala, Cameroon's capital Showbiz at the time and who still today.

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The one who had revolutionized makossa music by transforming it into a much more danceable form, continues to fuse world beat and African rhythms with a vibrant display of intricate choreography, never failing to bring audiences to their feet,has continued to expand his repertoire to incorporate a wider range of musical genres, thus bringing with it a more global scope

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